I lead two lives -- the first as a studio artist and the second as a healing one at my local hospital. This duality in life suits me perfectly as I love people yet adore my artistic solitude. the blending of these two worlds emerge on my canvas as my works are about hope... The faces I see, the natural world that speaks to me and the colors and movements that inspire me. I find myself slathering on layers of paint, collage and effervescent color then paring down with brushes, rags, sticks and stones; and then building the piece back up. The results may be figurative or totally abstract -- it is reflective of my mood of the day, the force of my energy or the impact of the music playing. For me, the medium utilized is irrelevant; it is simply the act of creation that stirs me. 

     When working in my studio, guiding patients at bedside and witnessing people's responses to art, I am continually amazed at the restorative impact that art holds for both its maker and audience. The heart slows, the mind focuses, the rhythm of the room transforms. This response to art has made my business desires crystallize - to bring forth optimism to homes and health care settings.

     Jane Zamost is The Healing Arts Program Coordinator at Capital Health, a two-hospital system in central New Jersey.  Jane manages the Arts & Healing Program including rotating art shows/receptions at the Investors Bank Arts & Healing Gallery (Hopewell Campus), continual development of the permanent hospital art collections, management of the Healing Hands Mobile Art Program for inpatients and musical programming. She relishes the opportunity to share with patients, visitors, staff and community the healing qualities of creativity.

When art soothes, hope rises. 

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